How a good essay should look like?

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How a good essay should look like?

     After graduation, many university applicants try on the old curriculum for the curriculum, especially this essay, but the difference between performing work in a school and a higher education institution is quite large.
     First of all, you should not copy material from the Internet, because the teacher who works at the university, understands his subject and knows what material can be found in the world wide web, and what is not.
     The main difference between the abstract and the essay is the presence of its own analysis. It is not enough to find information on a given topic, to arrange it in accordance with the criteria, it is necessary that you have your own view of the problem, agreement or disagreement with different theories, as well as conclusions that will indicate that you have been working on the material.
     The main components of the essay at the university are:

• Title page (optional);

• Plan (optional);

• Introduction;

• Main part (not divided into chapters);

• Conclusion;

• References.

     Typically, the volume of a student essay ranges from 5 to 10 pages, but in different universities and even in different subjects the requirements for the volume may be different.
     As for uniqueness, this requirement is mainly for coursework and degree works, but a university or a separate department may ask for a certain percentage of uniqueness in the work, therefore this aspect should be clarified.
     The work design must comply with the standard parameters:

• 14 Times New Roman;

• one and a half interval;

• justified alignment;

• margins: 2 upper and lower, 3 – left, 1,5 – right.

      In order for the essay to be interesting and highly commendable, it is necessary to agree on the topic with the teacher in advance, because often there are many options for topics and the student has the right to choose.
      First you need to review the literature and online sources on a specific topic to make sure there is enough material, and then agree on this topic or choose another.
      It is recommended that from 5 to 7 literature sources be used in the process of writing an essay so that the topic is covered from different angles – you can take different approaches to its study, compare them, point out similarities and differences, etc. The main idea of ​​this work is for the teacher to see that you understand his subject.